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Data analysis is an on-demand career right now, and this job industry is also at its initial boom. Thus, you have unbelievable business analyst opportunities, but there are so many career options in this field. Now, the question is, which job is better for you?

To solve this query, we have handpicked some of the leading business analytic jobs in this guide. You will indeed find one of your matching jobs on this list.

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1. Data Analyst

Data Analyst is one of the on-demand business analytics jobs in the recent market. In this job, you need to do surveys, collect information regarding the given topics, and present the data in an easily understandable manner via Microsoft Access, SQL, Microsoft Excel, etc. Some essential skills for this job are statistical analysis, data management, and reporting.

The average salary of a data analyst in India lies between USD 2.5k – USD 11.5k per annum, specifically USD 5.2k yearly. It varies based on a person’s experience, skills, and employers.

2. Business Analyst

A Business Analyst’s job is to improve a company’s process, products, services, and system. Business analysts must determine the scope of improvements and make them, even technologically and financially. A Business Analyst strengthens the weak portions of an organization by communicating with almost all the departments.

The average salary of a Business Analyst is USD 7.5k per annum; generally, it lies between USD 3.3k – USD 12.5k every year.

3. Supply Chain Analyst

Supply Chain Management consists of the analysis of the supply chain of the organization and figuring out the ways to increase the performance and productivity of the supply chain. Being a Supply Chain Analyst, you might also need to work with the team members of other organizations to discuss the improving factors of the supply chain. For instance, you might find your organization’s warehouse faulty, and thus it is necessary to either fix the issue or have a new one for efficient work.

The average pay of a supply chain manager is USD 6k every year. Therefore, it lies between USD 3.2k – USD 12.5k per annum.

4. Market Research Analyst

As the name sounds, Market Research Analysts handle an organization’s marketing point of view. Market Research Analysts have to analyze the marketing programs and trends of the industry, such as customer profiling, data analysis, and predictive statistics. For better and more effective marketing campaigns and advertisements, analysts need to work with almost every department of an organization and look for presentable stuff.

A Marketing Research Analyst earns around USD 6k yearly, between USD 2.3k – 12.5k per annum, depending on your skills, experience, and location.

5. Data Scientist

A Data Scientist analyzes the massive given data and highlights the essential data so that an organization can make better decisions. Here, you will need to use the algorithm, AI, ML, statistical tools, etc., and turn the complex data into meaningful insights. All of these insights help in the betterment of business strategy and operations.

In India, the salary of a Data Scientist lies between USD 4.2k – USD 25k, and to be specific, and an average salary is around USD 10k. A Data Scientist job is one of the best jobs for beginners to learn quickly and gain experience.

6. Financial Analyst

Financial Analysts are one of the essential spare parts of an organization, as they help an organization use the profits in the most efficient manner possible, considering all the recent market trends, microeconomic factors, macroeconomic factors, and demographics. In short, a financial analyst helps the company make intelligent investments by analyzing and understanding the fundamentals of a company and its previous financial status.

The average pay a financial analyst gets is around USD 5k lakh per annum, ranging between USD 2.7k – USD 12.5k every year. The best thing about the financial analyst career is that the experience is critical; the more time you have invested in this career, the more money you will print.

7. Project Manager

From the very start, Project Managers play a crucial role in an organization, as they are solely responsible for planning, organizing, and wisely directing the projects till their completion. The project Manager shapes a project, minimizes the project cost, and improves efficiency and revenue. Specifically, the Project Manager’s responsibilities vary from industry to industry, organization to organization, and project to project.

A Project Manager Initiates the project, Plans everything, Executes every step, monitors, and Controls all the activities, and Closes the project mainly at a good end. The average base pay of a Project Manager is USD 32.5k, ranging from USD 27.5k to USD 37.5k. Those who are looking for a good salary can go for this job. However, your salary is directly proportional to your skills and experience in handling the projects and analyzing the data.

8. Data Engineer

Nowadays, so many companies are investing in hiring Data Engineers. They are the one who builds, upgrades, maintenance, and test infrastructure to make sure that it will handle the algorithm. Being a Data Engineer, you must mostly do all the technical work. These Data Analyst jobs, especially Data Engineering jobs, mainly originated from the baking and financial sectors.

The average salary of a Data Engineer is USD 10k per annum, ranging from USD 5k to USD 27.5k. Thus, considering the work, you will also get a good salary.


These are the top best business analytics jobs to opt for your career, and we hope this article helps you find a suitable job on this list and have a blissful long career.

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