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Guest Post Submission Guidelines:

Thanks for your interest in writing for us. We’ll accept and publish your content if it meets the following requirements:

Word Limit- The article must be at least 1000+ words.

Quality- The article must be 100% unique, relevant, and well-researched and can add value to our readers.

Format- Be interesting, engaging, or informative with things like headings, sub-headings, and dot points.

Outbound Links- Add 2+ high Domain Authority website links — must be relevant.

Property– Add screenshots, images, sources of statistics, and quotes used in the article.

No Plagiarism- Copied, irrelevant, misleading, or spun content will be rejected directly.

Fluent English Required– The article doesn’t contain major grammatical or language errors.

The other Mandatory Guest Post Submission Guidelines:

Images- Provide 4-5 images(Size: 800*500) including Featured Image (Size: 1350*900).

Keywords- Suggest up to 4-5 Tags/Keywords for the article.

Meta Description- Attach a Meta Description(155-160 characters) with the article.

Author’s Bio- Provide your short bio that should not exceed 50 words.

What are we looking for?

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Rights we reserve

The article will be rejected directly in case of violation of the guidelines.
We can remove any link or mark any link as nofollow if we find it irrelevant.
In case your article is approved or published, you can’t publish it on any other website.

Why write for Business Strive?

Get a dofollow link in the Author’s Bio.
Gain global exposure
Gain higher ranking in SERPs
Get referral traffic
Build brand awareness

How to submit a Guest Post Request?

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